Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Opening

We arrived in Tokyo for the Mandarin Oriental Grand Opening. This is highly anticipated. I usually stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, but its location in Shinjuki is starting to wear on me tremendously, and this hotel is better situated right over a subway stop next to the Mistukoshi department store. Like many Tokyo hotels, you enter at the ground level, but the lobby is up in the sky, high, high, high... Makes for fabulous views!

The rooms are classic Mandarin Oriental, though a bit on the smallish side compared to what I'm used to at the PH.
The bathrooms have large soaking tubs with levered windows you can open to view the Tokyo skyline.

And these crazy Japanese toilets. Wow. They literally do everything, and some of the functions are rather dubious "Spray low, spray high, deodorize, etc.).
This is the view out of our window at night.
And this is the view out of the men's bathroom during the day. Let's just say these are the million-dollar urinal views!
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