Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twist @ MO LV - Second Visit

My second visit to Twist was much more approachable than the tasting menu I enjoyed on my first visit--which I thoroughly enjoyed--but may be too adventurous for some eaters. For those eaters who are afraid of excessive innovation, I suggest the a la carte menu, for which there are excellent choices that should please everyone at the table.

Tuna Chantilly and Japanese rice cracker amuse bouche.
Bread is baked by Bon Breads Baking Company in Las Vegas.
The Scallops starter entree.

The fillet entree ordered a la carte from the tasting menu.

Gaignaire's pomme puree, not as rich as Robuchon's--which means you can eat more than a spoonful. Yum.
Fillet carpaccio stuffed with foie gras, on top of a beef Bolognese.
The fillet, perfectly cooked.
My waiter brought this dessert for me because I raved about it from the last tasting menu, even though I didn't order it. Yum!
The red ring dessert, almond on puff pastry and cream.
Bathroom break. Wow!
Meringues and cookies.

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