Friday, February 19, 2010

McNulty's Tea and Coffee, NYC

Today, I went to McNulty's, the place where I buy coffee. I have one of those machines in my office where you feed in whole beans and expresso and the like pop out. It's just too convenient. I drink a lot of coffee. So, I switched to decaf (or really "quarter caf"). The problem is that no decaf coffee tastes good to me. Then one day I went to McNulty's to look at their teas (it's like stepping back into time, one would think this place hasn't changed since the 1930's!) and I start talking to this lady who's been going there twenty years. Turns out, she's there to pick up a batch of her special "quarter caf" blend that she's developed to her liking and which they make special for her. I said, "I want that too!". And they made some for me. So good. They are really known for their teas, but the coffee is really, really good. These guys are Blue Bottle's great grandfather. They don't have fancy siphon pot extractors or Clover machines. Just giant drums of really dark roasted gorgeous beans.

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